Doing things different, because it is possible. With the right mindset and attitude everything is possible. And if it is not a possibility yet. At least an idea towards it has been seeded.

Free from corporate greed, traditional capitalism and current social constructs.

Powered by creativity. And a passion for decentralization ♥ Inspired by B and Ξ. The future is Bright.

Never confine the future.

If you let your imagination run wild, you will always come across limitations of what is currently possible; be it economically/societal/technological. This doesn’t mean an idea should be dismissed. Rather it creates goals to make those things a reality in the future.

Taking ideas everywhere.

Embrace diversity in ideas. In a decentralized world, it’s important to consider diverse perspectives, particularly in opposition to traditional systems like capitalism. The internet and technologies like Bitcoin have created new ways to connect, collaborate, and break down barriers, allowing for a non-totalitarian approach. This allows for different voices to be heard, and for alternative solutions to be considered.

By embracing diversity, we can avoid groupthink and the risk of making decisions based solely on a narrow range of perspectives. Additionally, by valuing and utilizing the unique perspectives and knowledge of different individuals, we can foster innovation and progress. As eclectic thinkers, we draw inspiration from a variety of sources.

The future is bright.

The future is bright, because it is in our hands. As humans we will be able to connect with eachother without boundaries. And actually connect on a human level. Reaching far beyond greed. Being left or right.. it doesn’t matter. The future is.. bright.

If no one has even 1 percent of all the knowledge in a society, then it is crucial that the other 99 percent of knowledge — scattered in tiny and individually unimpressive amounts among the population at large — be allowed the freedom to be used in working out mutual accommodations among the people themselves. These innumerable mutual interactions are what bring the other 99 percent of knowledge into play — and generate new knowledge.
– Thomas Sowell