Contribution is appreciated.

Sharing things for free doesn’t mean we’re free from monetary needs.

Free from corporate greed, traditional capitalism and current social constructs.

Powered by creativity. And a passion for decentralization ♥ Inspired by B and Ξ. The future is Bright.

Nothing is for free nowadays.

At this day and age it feels like a lot of (valuable) content can only be reached trough payment. In no way whatsoever I will put a monetary value to the ideas I put out as projects. Beside it being worth shit anyway not having any technical implementation yet. I’m not like Satoshi Nakomoto. And I think hardly anybody will be like Satoshi. Satoshi stepped away and left a functioning idea for others to further develop. A concept that changed the world. 

If you appreciate how much time/thought/effort I put in these projects, and can miss a monetary contribution I would love you for that. You can help me pay a coffee, a beer, a meal or my student debt LOL. Also it helps me allocate more time to work on things in this direction.

Not desperation. Just human to human valuation.

Or just appropriate these concepts towards capitalism.

All projects are published under a Creative Commons license, for non commercial purposes only. Let me first define what I find non commercial in a commercial world. To me non commercial is putting a product/service first. 

List of adresses for donations:

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Make a donation. If you want.